We are going to tell you a true story.

there were these people who lived here, all over, and did things a particular way…as people do. then some other people came from a far place. they came because they couldn’t figure out how to be seen where they lived. these poor people, because they were never seen, they didn’t know how to see. they used this to justify and enforced dumb rules that continued not to see people and smoosh people. These folks were so blind that after the smooshing,  they traveled far and brought more people that they refused to see, so that they could create little towers to sit on top of and overlook people and places that they couldn’t see. they also told the world, that this is the most wonderful place for being seen. so if they are having trouble being seen, come here, help build some towers and be seen…just a little more then the folks they brought and the folks they smooshed, but not very much. the people who they couldn’t see started removing the bricks of the towers. when the towers started to shake the blind folks picked a representative from the folks they refused to see and tried to prove that they could see, by seeing that particular representative. this was done so they couldn’t be accused of having vision problems. it did create a bit of confusion, and some residual blindness amongst the unseen. this got the unseen folks to slow down the dismantling of the towers. this went on for many years, but the towers were still being slowly dismantled from many angles. in fact, this went on so long that the unseen started to outnumber the vision-impaired folks. then the super high towers fell. after they fell, the light was so bright that all folks had to learn to see again.

i see you.
you will see me.

This is from an installation created in 2016…we been saying.