SUMMER OF 2021: This piece is called FLUIDITY
and it’s hella big.

Have you ever listened to the ‘slave’ narratives recorded in conjunction with the WPA project? If not, stop scrolling and listen now. The sounds of the ancestors voices recalling there experiences of basically being responsible for the physical embodiment of wealth in this nation is chilling. The most memorable part of it is that folks were in there own bodies. Meaning, I could hear who these people are, which is way more than the exploits. They/We are beautifully expansive.

It’s no coincide that I, along with my amazing collective are out here in mid 90deg weather getting eating by mosquitoes and loved up by the sun on Juneteenth. We are humbled and honored to be here.

I often think about the folks who decided to migrate to Texas to skirt emancipating Black folks. How blown outta their minds they must have been to be that outta touch. I think about the blended lineage and often ponder the ancestral stories that comes with continuing to share space with such oppressive folks. Some folks gotta learn to share and some folks gotta take up more space.

We take freedom hella seriously. Part of being free is understanding that we are all intricately connected and that comes with responsibility. It requires accountability and humility. Marginalized folks tend to do the heavy lifting in this particular understanding and that needs to change…like right now…like yesterday.

The blood that pumps through my veins is the blood of folks who originate from this land, Africa, the Caribbean, the south and even includes some colonizer juice. It has traveled continents, built nations and most incredibly it simply exists.

Today I give thanks/honor the ancestors in the best way I know… by painting us huge and glorious and black as ever. Hanging with my peeps, eating fresh food, randomly twerking, getting in some good laughs and avoiding all situations that require kissing my teeth or rolling my eyes. What ya’ll gonna do with yerselves on this glorious day?


Happy independence day aka Juneteenth.

Big up to the @seismigue team for sharing space.