FLY 2.0

We are overjoyed about the opening of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s rooftop ice skating rink!

The artrink features art by 16 artists. The theme was ‘A note to Our Future’

Ya’ll already know that world spinning and future dreaming is one of our fave past times, so we were ready to play.

55 x 70 in
The future is what we make, manifest, dream, put intention and or action into combined with the will of the universe. This piece represents that growth journey and possibility. It’s a stoic unyielding recentering of power and value.

The allocatia (elephant ear plant) is considered the tree that grows to the sky. The use of the wings represents a supported propelled growth. The hibiscus represents femininity and transformation. The lines represent the journey and path of growth. The crowning hair symbolizes ancestral knowledge and cultural connectivity. The Rose quartz that she is holding represents a radical protective love.

#bend #worlds #lil #dreamers #art #collage #brooklyn

Huge thanks to @at1ba and the @bcmkids team.