There are so many ways to love. Some are so complex and others are so simple. It’s always been amazing that you can tell the way a person or creature has been loved often by the way they carry themselves and express love. Unfortunately, when love is lacking sometimes folks interact with that person as if they do not deserve to be loved. When I was a child I use to get so annoyed with my mother priming me. She would carefully do my hair to ensure there were no fly-a-ways. She should make sure I never left looking wrinkled or full of holes or dirty and the most agitating was that right before she would drop me off at school she would lick her thumb and get my eyebrows right. While I would pull away and say stop licking me. As an adult, I realized that she was creating visual markers to tell the world that I was cared for, valued, and should be treated as such. It was her way of putting a lil love bubble around me before I went into a space without her. That’s one example of sharing and expressing love, and there are tons. This group of work explores a few of them.

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