To Imagine & Ritualize an Opulent Black Future…
The Museum Of Black Joy presents a month-long, curated series of virtual prompts, performances, queries, artistic interventions, and intergenerational gatherings to consider topics related to Black Joy, defined here as a revolutionary process and practice. Please join us in this extended community conversation designed to joy-scape a vibrant Black future in a way that transcends (without ignoring) histories rooted in oppression.

Mz. Icar and Tough Dumplin will be screening 2 short films created in collaboration. The first short is titled Of Expansion. It’s inspired by quarantine musings and art-making. This trippy studio visit follows 2 puppets through an art exhibition distorted by time and space. The visit features a collection of collages, photography, banners, textile studies, and mixed media pieces exploring ‘what is the ideal scenario and how do we get there?’ The second short film is called Covert Honey. It’s a documentary on Brooklyn rooftop beekeepers and a visual record chronicling the joyous adventure of beekeeping, nestled in the urban confines of a Brooklyn rooftop. Following the screening we will discuss process, collaboration, vision and using art as a vehicle to connect with people, and explore places and spaces.

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