Welcome to Mz. Fits. This is the official Mz. Icar Merch store. It features limited-edition goods, studies, and creative musings. Lately, we have been upcycling fabrics and materials used for commissioned shoots and transforming them into garments and bags. We also have designed a collection of tees and sweatshirts to celebrate our ‘Of Expansion’ project. To shop our art inventory please request a password by emailing sales@mzicar.com.


The collector and the artist share a special bond. We don’t tread lightly around that.  If you are interested in acquiring original art please check out our latest and greatest here. If you are looking for older pieces pls request a password by emailing us at sales@mzicar.com to shop our inventory.  For items $300 and below please check out our Mz. Fits shop.


We started Mz. Icar with the mindset of a soft unraveling of our current capitalism system. We would like to offer an alternative option for exchange on all available art. Art is available for purchase with currency or an approved offered exchange.

How does that work?
An offered exchange can be anything from a dedication to helping someone, including yourself, meditating to volunteering at a farm, or anything that is in service to humanity as a whole. The following is a very short list of things that we are looking for. If you happen to have access to them, we will also consider these as commodifiable exchanges.

    • -acupuncture services
    • -primary physician care services
    • -vinyasa and restorative yoga classes/teacher training
    • -classic cars
    • -RV/Sprinter/container home building services
    • -garage space in Philadelphia
    • -solar powered batteries
    • -land: preferably and climates near the equator with access to an ocean
    • -large commercial space to host The Culture Rooms
    • -airline buddy passes
    • -proofreading and copy services.

These are all suggestions. Our primary request for exchange offerings is that they are mindful. We hope you will consider this option.

The exchange program is an exercise in practicing alternative exchange, an exploration of value, a way to get to know our collectors, and a way to make our works more accessible.