We are thrilled to have lent our skills to Doritos Solid Black Initiative. For this project we created a piece called Legacy. It’s featured on a limited edition bag available at select Sam’s Club and on Snacks.com

Our piece Legacy represents a future-leaning collective ethos of blackness. We are channeling call and response. We are channeling ‘throw it back’. We are channeling raising the vibration through a collective consciousness. This piece is a love letter saying, ‘ I see you. We see you. We see us.’ The green on the bottom represents foundational growth. The fluorescent colors on the top represent possibility and vibrancy the faces blend into one another because our existence requires us to do so in a radically, empathetic and collective manner.

As part of the SOLID BLACK initiative, Doritos is donating $125,000 to five non-profit organizations that support the next generation of black changemakers. This includes @4oakcliff a Dallas black lead non-profit located just a few miles from where the solid black bags were made.