Let’s wrap about having work supported. It’s been an astonishing past couple of months being able to share these visions with various cities and connect with the local communities. We are feeling very supported and have alot of gratitude around that.
Scale context and content is so important in the work that we do.

Our intention with all of these murals is to create large love letters that encourage people to connect, unite, feel empowered and seen.

The way folks connect with spaces is very important. These spaces are/were designed. they are/were intentionally created for various uses and when they fall into decay ruin or abandonment it’s important that we understand that these can be repurposed. It’s also imperative to know that the same applies in our own personal communities and spaces.

We know that there is alot of BS and inequity around that. we are not blind to where we are at in the world, but we know what we want to focus on and what direction we’d like to go.

We want you to feel welcomed where you are, We want you to feel accepted seen and supported. We want to remind people to be welcoming and be supportive and to see each other. We don’t take public works lightly at all. We see them as a ever-moving evolving representation of the places and people that we are encountering.

Our latest, piece

‘Visionary in You’ was commissioned by @Doritos for there #solidblack initiative, and coordinated and installed by @pearlmedia.

2020 chestnut st. Philly