The other day our homie Kendra from ‘I wanna hear pod’ put us on to Curbed’s, Nice Try Utopia podcast. Of course, we were all over it. World-building and reimagining the past and future is so our thing. The first episode is about Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America. The podcast goes on to debunk the romantic version of this story told in our history books as well as a contextual of the ‘why’s and how’s’. The one thing that really stood out to me was the part in which these colonizers just lose the fuck out of their humanity. They are starving they start slaughtering indigenous folks and eventually start burning down their own fort for firewood and digging up corpses and eating them. Right when they are about to leave, the company that commissioned the mission demands they stay, sends a whole bunch more Englishmen, kidnapped some folks from Angola, forced slavery and thus America. Honestly, you have to listen to this podcast, this is just a lil summary. They go in. Anyhoot, that stayed with me because origin stories have weight and in this case, if the folks who ‘settled’ America were so far gone to begin with, one could only imagine what 400 years later would look like. I mean these dudes were bat shit crazy. They needed to be getting hugs a warm meal and some trauma therapy so they could stop terrorizing the indigenous folks and get they minds rights. Nope, that didn’t happen, they just ate folks and started a nation instead.

Soooooo that got is thinking about the impact of simply loving up on each other. Like for real love, not ownership, or possessiveness. The type of love that sees oneself in another. That’s open to listening and understands how to support and be an advocate. I know, I know it sounds mad mushy, well it is, the point is to feel good. Full belly full heart etc. So we decided that we are gonna share with you things/situations we love. Cuz it’s February and those lil naked violent flying babies want us to spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way and we’re like Oprah, we love a lot and we have stellar taste. After all, our thots matter.

A couple of our members had the honor of creating an engagement video for J Mandela and Shea. We took a lil road trip, upstate, encountered some racism, loved up on some plants and highlighted the love between these two. We love the way it came out and are super duper happy about this wedding.

We love Millennium Skate rink in Camden NY, I almost don’t want to share my love of this place because I’m afraid y’all might blow it up and all its charms will be lost. So, this is what we love about it. It’s black-owned meaning that the music and vibe are centric to the black community…you won’t hear any pop music even on kids skate sessions. It’s black on black on black. It’s reasonably priced and we get our souls on the rink.

We got portraits taken. We are so fly. We love us. Here’s the back story on this masked bandit crew shot. Folks keep asking us about biopics and we tell ’em we are anonymous…and they are like ‘oh ok, can I get a bio pic?’ Le sigh, basically we really value IRL connections and feel that it is an honor and privilege to connect in the real world. As far as internet presence goes, we appreciate the interest, but we don’t know you bruh, just ‘like’ the work, vibe with us or keep it moving. Our likeness representation is not intended for content. We take our art real seriously and will not be tokenized of sexualized while doing it unless we initiate that.

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We are full of love so we’ll continue to sprinkle some love posts throughout the thots.