Let’s chat about hair. Particularly the hair that grows out of the top of most folks head. This crown and glory is often a hot topic in the Black community,  often representing politics status, and culture. Basically we don’t play when it comes to hair. This hair thing has a long history and has often been a battle and struggle for many women when it comes to acceptability politics, natural vs processed. We love that our hair represents something ‘unique’ for some audiences but at the same time in the past we have had trouble with the amount of time that this consumes with Black folks, ‘is this hair appropriate?’ thinking, hours spent in salons, decision making such as not swimming to ensure not ruining the hair. Time is a valuable asset, careful how it is spent, but grooming and self-love practice is never wasted time. Is it a practice of self-love to create or desire something that you don’t have, or is the costuming fun and games? It’s just a matter of finding balance. Basically we just have trouble with things that hold folks back and often wonder if hair falls into that. Years ago (and to this day) we occasionally take on the topic of hair, as both a celebration and a weight.

Enjoy our latest studio visit which explores Hair.

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