We are constantly evaluating and exploring our relationship with commerce and capitalism and looking for alternative opportunities of exchange. some of this exploration has been why it’s been so long coming to getting an online store up.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what we as a society are looking for on the internet, and what we can’t we purchase or have a hard time obtaining and what we should be trying to obtain. That thot process leads me to the creation of these new cans. For me, the internet is another platform, another medium, and it’s a context in which to explore the relationship of people, their interactions and the way that we interact with the world.

We love solutions, we love the absurdity of old ads (and full disclosure can’t wait until our current ads become old these pharmaceutical commercials are out of control). we are very much so American (most apparent when we are out of the country but that’s a different post) and so inherently, we are obsessed with the notion of a very quick fix. We also love painting and have a ton of empty cans in the studio. It’s bad enough that were spraying all this aerosol into the world might as well make sure that we are upcycling.

Thus I present to you my latest collection intended for the internet.

This series wouldn’t be complete without having some type of real life experience and so we have made a quarter of each edition available on the streets. They will be done in the form of a scavenger hunt and/or We’ll be posting where these items are and they will be free and up for grabs.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the streets.

If you aren’t all about running around these streets (which I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be) you can also purchase editions on HERE