We have been pretty enamored by the powerful work of Tré Seals over at Vocal Type Co. Often in design, the biases of the author are ever-present in the final outcome. This is a very blind sided design flaw that can result in (intentional and unintentional exclusion) underrepresentation. The industry of design and specifically typography is maaaad white manish. This is resulting in a momo perspective in letter organization and presentation. Vocal type is filling the Gap and giving is life This foundry has released retail typefaces and created custom type inspired by historical icons of color.

We love all of this and it resonates with some of the latest projects we have been working on. We just wrapped up some custom lettering for Machel Montano’s Machel Monday. Which happens to be today and also happens to be a celebration of his nuptials. yo! It is seriously a love fest over here. Our work is used in the flyers promotional video as well as the tickets. We loved having the opportunity to work on this. Ya’ll over at Hasely stadium, buss a wine for us.